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We thrive to deliver reliable and safe high-end products with satisfactory services in appreciable pricing...

Car Parking Systems

Customized Car Parking systems i.e. Simple 2 Tier Parking, Pit Puzzel Parking, Puzzle parking, Rotary Parking and Tower parking for Residential Buildings, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Public Parking zones.

Specially designed for parking all types of Cars ( Hatch Back, Sedan, SUVs Etc. ) in restricted small areas, basements or parking lots.

Why Us
Shirke Mechanism is specialist in Hydro mechanical & Electro mechanical solutions and therefore capable of providing wide range of Parking solutions in small spaces. We have incorporated the best technology and expertise and have brought in our own extensive knowledge and experience to provide ideal models for today’s car parking and space problems in cities. We have collaborated with distinguished manufacturers and individuals in an effort to constantly provide our clients with better solution and 0 mm leveling accuracy in our models.


  • Space Saving
  • Structurally Very Strong
  • Inbuilt Safety Features
  • Moveable with easy change of space
  • Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance

Home Elevator

The hydraulic solution for low rise mobility with Style and Elegance. Most energy efficient valve technology with silent screw pump technique.

An ideal product for low rise, just to serve for one or two floors in Bunglows, Duplex Flats, Showrooms, Shopping Malls etc.

Shirke Mechanism designs the product to meet your need and match your Décor. All safety features included to ensure a mishap free and entirely Safe functioning of the Lift. Any possibility of any mishap are arrested At all levels. Provision of 2 stage sealing in the cylinder, PU ‘U’ cup seal, Bronze filled PTFE step seal, Neoprene rubber O rings. Cylinder and Piston Rod –as per ST – 52 cold drawn tube.

Why us

The safest, smoothest and the most reliable Home Lift with a committed bunch of technicians from stage one till the commissioning and after.

  • Hand knob for manual down
  • Hand pump for manual up
  • Switch for emergency down during power failure
  • Wire Rope break safety


  • Space Saving
  • Customized solution with designer interiors.
  • Safest, most reliable and environmentally sound
  • Pleasing ride and smooth operation, gentle start & stop.
  • It is portable and no pit required.

Car Elevator

Extremely strong and sturdy Car lifts are made by us with load bearing capacity up to 3 tones and big enough for accommodating cars of all brands and models.

Useful for lifting the car at desirable level in Residential Buildings, Office Buildings, Commercial Places like Malls & Hotels Etc. A Car lift can facilitate very easy movement of traffic in such places. And thus proving to be of significant importance in high rise Buildings.

Why Us

The Design, shape, Size and other features and aspects of a car lift are such that it is best suited to the known hands. A Car lift is always a special job from the engineers point of view and therefore special people are needed for the designing and commissioning of the car lifts.


  • Leveling Accuracy +/- 5 mm.
  • Photo Cell for sensing the movements of the car.
  • Double installation checks in presence of the client.
  • Microprocessor based V3F control panel.
  • Car operating panel at both sides of the car.
  • Rope breakage & Over speed safety features inbuilt.
  • Superior quality Guide rails, ropes and machine unit.
  • Smooth opening and closing achieved by V3F drive also for the door operating system.

Goods Elevator

Goods Lifts range from 500 Kgs to 7000 Kgs. And we Provide Goods Lifts with all kinds of ranges and specifications.

Goods Lifts are a backbone for factories, hotels, Residential Buildings and Commercial Buildings. Goods Lifts enable hassle-free and easy transport Of material at any floor of the building or the factory. We provide Hydraulic and Electric Traction Goods Lifts based on the type of requirement, travel And other conditions.

Why us

Shirke Mechanism is well equipped and has several years of experience, with hands at work on such assignments. The roping and installation of Goods Lifts need proper accuracy and stage wise Tests. Shirke Mechanism sincerely engages in the same and ensures the same at definite stages.


  • Various Door options available
  • Cost effective options available
  • Wide range of models available
  • Double safety gears for all models
  • Superior machine units, guide rails and ropes.
  • Low cost maintenance